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Curious about The Piano Company?

Here are some quick facts about our history and the people that work to make The Piano Company what it is today.

  • Between 80-90% of The Piano Company’s business is from word-of-mouth referrals.
  • The Company employs no commissioned salespeople!
  • Mr. Robert Purdon came from a background as a music educator for 25 years, during which time he founded an association for music teachers. He then took his music skills Into the piano retail business where he managed a high-profile Steinway dealership for a number of years and won many awards in the music industry before joining The Piano Company.
  • Mrs. Purdon learned to play the violin at a young age (and still owns her beloved instrument, after more than 50 years.) Her expertise lies more in the field of artistic endeavor and public relations, thereby giving The Plano Company a ‘duet’ couple who enjoy affiliating with individuals and families alike within the outlying community.
  • Mr. Sean Brady, the Company’s resident Concert Artist, is active as a performer and is considered by many to be completely remarkable in his music sight-reading skills.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Purdon have a combined family of ten (yes,10) adult children, 33 (yes again) grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Two of their adult children also are on The Piano Company staff-one in Leesburg and one in the Dulles location.
  • The Piano Company offers music lessons for young and old alike. Phone the location most convenient for you and ask for information If you’re interested in an enjoyable, and thorough, music learning experience. Recitals are sometimes held…and whether you’re performing or are an attendee, you’re invited to enjoy the experience!
  • The Piano Company’s showrooms are closed on Sundays because, being a family-run business, it Is essential for each Company representative to work five-to-six days a week…and Sundays are filled with family activities and individual ‘down-time’.
  • The Piano Company’s Service Department – Unlike other companies that award service contracts to the lowest bidder, the Company’s service personnel are professionally trained individuals who are qualified and take the utmost care in their craft. Many services are offered: piano tuning, regulating and voicing, repairs to working parts, and cosmetics such as cabinetry repair and refinishing; piano moving services; storage in the Company’s insured warehousing facilities; music books and supplies (mostly piano); aftermarket products such as wireless player systems and humidity control systems; recital/meeting services, and short-term rentals.
  • Because The Plano Company has put together an extensive amount of information to help educate its customers, and because of its expert staff, It is our sincere hope that you’ll enjoy the process of making an informed decision.
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