Vertical Pianos

Created as a space-saver, vertical pianos began as a grand piano turned up on end so the strings ran vertically instead of horizontally. Consequently, each vertical piano usually takes up a very similar amount of floor space (instead, they are made to become taller, just as grand pianos are made to become longer).

  • The ‘spinet‘ style vertical piano is a very short vertical piano which is less than 38“ tall.
  • A ‘console‘ style vertical piano is between 38“ and 45“ tall. A ‘studio‘ style vertical piano is between 45” and 54” tall.
  • An upright style vertical piano is taller than 54.“ Neither spinet nor upright pianos are made anymore.

Vertical pianos come in a number of different cabinet styles, including continental, institutional and furniture cabinets, with a large number of wood veneers. 

Just as with grand pianos, all vertical pianos should be tuned twice a year.


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