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A vertical piano is a compact, space-saving instrument with strings and soundboard positioned vertically. Despite its upright design, a vertical piano produces a rich, resonant sound, making it a popular choice for pianists of varying skill levels. 

Vertical pianos come in various different heights which directly influences the instrument’s sound quality, tone, and volume. Shorter pianos offer a more limited range and quieter sound due to their more compact design but are priced at an affordable price point.  Taller pianos have more space to feature longer strings and soundboards, enabling them to produce richer, more resonant tones with greater depth and complexity.

There are four categories for the size of vertical pianos. 

  • Spinets are less than 38” tall (from the floor to the top of the piano). Spinets usually feature an indirect blow action (or a drop action). This action uses an intermediate component to indirectly strike the strings, reducing the level of control and precision compared to a direct blow action that is found on taller pianos.
  • Consoles are between 38” and 45” tall. Console pianos, such as the Kawai K-15, 506N, and K-200, are larger than spinet pianos but smaller than studio and upright pianos. Console pianos are favored for their compact size and versatile sound, making them suitable for both beginner and intermediate players. Providing a practical and affordable option for those seeking a balance between space-saving design and musical performance, console pianos are a popular choice for customers.
  • Studio pianos are between 45” and 54” tall. The ST-1, K-300, K-500, and K-800 fall under the studio category. 
  • Upright pianos are taller than 54” 
    • “Upright piano” and “vertical piano” are often used interchangeably in common communication, but pianos over 54” are no longer manufactured for mass-market production.

Piano manufacturers recommend to have a piano tuned twice a year. We offer tuning services as well as piano voicing.

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