Player Pianos & Player Piano Systems

Pianos that can play themselves have existed for over a hundred years. Early models used a variety of mechanics and paper rolls which allowed player pianos to function without an actual performer pressing the keys. 


The very popular, current player pianos use modern technology to allow the pianos to play not only solo piano music, but entire musical ensembles. Wireless technology enables the player control box (found on older models) to be eliminated from the front of the piano and, instead, the piano is controlled through a tablet such as an IPad or even through a cell phone.



Recording strips can be added beneath the keys to turn the piano into a recording studio. Some player systems are installed at the manufactures’ facilities while others are retro-fitted to the instrument of choice, which presents the customer with many options to create the feature package they desire most. 


The modern player piano system does not interfere with traditional piano playing and can be installed in new or used, grand or vertical pianos.

Retrofitting Service

If you have an existing acoustic piano, and if you’re interested in a retrofit, please give us a Call our Leesburg location (703-771-8119) or Dulles Town, Center Mall location (703-777-7789) for more information, including pricing and scheduling.

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