Hybrid Pianos

A hybrid piano is a synthesis of both the acoustic and digital piano. There are two kinds of hybrid pianos: an acoustic piano with digital elements built in and a digital piano that utilizes some parts of an acoustic instrument


An acoustic/digital hybrid is first and foremost a traditional piano, but has features that can be activated to give it additional digital sounds, recording options, silent/headphone abilities and even computer hookups. Because this is a stringed instrument, this type of piano needs to be tuned and maintained as any acoustic piano is


Digital/acoustic hybrids are a digital piano that uses an acoustic piano action and/or soundboard to amplify the sound. This kind of hybrid does not need tuning, because it does not use strings to produce sound, rather, it uses actual recorded sounds from other top-of-the-line acoustic instruments. Both of these options blend together the benefits of both the acoustic and digital piano. 


Award-winning pianos manufactured by KAWAI.


Hybrid Piano Gallery

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