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A grand piano is distinguished by its iconic, wing-shaped profile. It features a soundboard and strings positioned horizontally, allowing for longer strings and a larger soundboard, which contribute to its rich, resonant tones and powerful sound projection. Grand pianos are renowned for their superior touch sensitivity, dynamic range, and overall performance quality, making them the preferred choice for professional musicians, prestigious concert venues, and home owners.

Grand pianos come in two different categories:

  • Baby grand pianos typically range in size from around 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches in length. While they are smaller than concert or parlor grands, baby grands still offer a rich sound, making them popular choices for musicians and homeowners with limited space.
  • Regular grand pianos, also known as concert grands, typically range in size from 5 feet 6 inches to 9 feet or more in length. These larger instruments are favored for their expansive tonal range, powerful sound projection, and heightened responsiveness, making them ideal for professional performances and prestigious concert halls. The size of regular grands allows for longer strings and a larger soundboard, resulting in a fuller, more dynamic sound that can fill large performance spaces with ease. 
  • Concert grand pianos are the largest in size and are usually around 9 feet or more in length. These massive instruments are specifically designed for professional concert performances in large venues and renowned auditoriums. Concert grands boast an extended range and exceptional sound quality, enabling them to produce a robust, nuanced sound that can fill vast concert halls with clarity and power. Their size and meticulous craftsmanship ensure unparalleled tonal richness and impeccable performance quality, making them the preferred choice for world-class pianists and orchestras.

Piano manufacturers recommend to have a piano tuned twice a year. We offer tuning services as well as piano voicing.


5’ 0” Classic Baby Grand Piano


5’ 2” Classic Baby Grand Piano


5’ 5” Classic Grand Piano


5’ 11” Classic Salon Grand Piano


6’ 2” Conservatory Grand Piano

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