Grand Pianos

The traditional style piano – supported in a ‘triangle shape’ of three legs with the piano pedals in between the front two legs. The plate and strings are strung horizontally inside the piano, and the lid on top can be lifted up on one side to allow for a louder sound. Grand pianos range from 4 foot 6 inches long (measuring from the board in front of the keys, in a straight line back to the end/nose/heel–(the point most distant from the pianist).


The largest grand pianos are from 9′ long to over 10′ long and are called Concert Grands. A baby grand piano is described as a piano between 4 foot 6 inches and 5 foot 6 inches long. The most popular grand piano size in most homes is between 5′ and 6′ long. Serious pianists usually prefer a 7’ or over in length piano.


Most grand pianos are finished in black, but some come in a variety of wood veneers and other fancier cabinet options. Cabinet styles vary according to the age of the piano, manufacturer, desires of the interior decorator, and/or the purchaser.


All grand pianos should be tuned at least twice a year as part of a general maintenance schedule which we provide. Schedule an appointment.

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