Piano Options

The Piano Company, located in Leesburg Virginia and Dulles Town Center Mall, carries a wide range of pianos from which to choose. KAWAI is our most sought-after brand because of KAWAI’s

  • Quality of workmanship
  • Prestigious industry-wide, international awards
  • Rich sound
  • Coveted 10-year, transferable warranties (parts & labor included) on acoustic pianos and 3- or 5-year warranties on Kawai Digital pianos.

We Carry the Following Pianos:


Acoustical Vertical Pianos
Created as a space-saver, vertical pianos began as a grand piano turned up on end so the strings ran vertically instead of horizontally.


Acoustic Grand Pianos

The traditional style piano – supported in a ‘triangle shape’ of three legs with the piano pedals in between the front two legs.


Hybrid Pianos
A hybrid piano is a synthesis of both the acoustic and digital piano. There are two kinds of hybrid pianos…


Digital Pianos

A digital piano is an electronic version of a traditional acoustic piano. Because they are electronic, digital pianos do not need to be tuned costs. 


Player Pianos (& Systems)

Pianos that can play themselves have existed for over a hundred years. Early models used a variety of mechanics and paper rolls…


One-of-a-Kind Pianos
The Piano Company features a number of one-of-a-kind pianos, customized for someone looking for something a little more personal.

We also carry a number of other high quality pianos such as: 

New and Pre-Owned
Shulze Pollmann
Pearl River
New and Pre-Owned
A. Geyer
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