Emily H.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to comment on my recent purchase of the Schimmel 132 DT from The Piano Company in Leesburg, Va. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I want to tell you why. I have been searching for a piano for a few years and have done a lot of research before this recent purchase.

I have been studying various sources before making this purchase including the Piano Forum at www.pianoworld.com, Larry Fine’s “The Piano Book”, and talking to my piano technician, Robin Pitt. In addition, I tried pianos at various piano stores in the Washington, DC area including: Piano Craft in Gaithersburg, Rick Jones Piano in College Park, Jordan Kitts in Rockville, and The Piano Store in Rockville, and Schaeffer Pianos in Rockville, MD.

I live in Rockville, MD, but decided to take the trek to Leesburg to try pianos at The Piano Company based on the recommendation of my piano technician. She has had professional dealings with your company and felt that you were very reputable. This is very important when purchasing a piano because the dealer is the one who stands behind the piano product. In addition, the amount of preparation before delivery of the purchase is very dealer dependent, and The Piano Company make sure that the product is in perfect condition before the piano is delivered to the customer.

While I tried a number of grand pianos during the course of my investigation, I was mostly interested in upright pianos due to the size and configuration of my living room. Among the various piano stores that I visited, The Piano Company had by far the largest selection of upright pianos available in any one store. The inventory includes all levels of pianos and a very nice variety of high quality uprights from which to choose.

The upright pianos that I was considering included: the Shimmel, the Bechstein Academy, the Schulze Pollman and the Hoffman piano manufactured by Bechstein. I ended up selecting the Schimmel because I thought that it had the nicest tone and best piano action as compared to the other options. But I could have been happy with several of these pianos.

The Piano Company has been responsive to my questions during and after the sale and based on my experience I could recommend that even in these times of high gas prices that the drive to Leesburg was worth the trip.

Thank you.

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