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Jen Ann Santiago
Jen Ann Santiago
I had the most amazing experience with this store! I bought a piano on FB marketplace, I know very dumb. Lol It ended up being only good for a flotation device. So, I did a bunch of research online about pianos and found the one that fit me needs best. I found this store online through the piano manufacturer's website. I called them and spoke with a gentleman named Bob and he confirmed they had the model I was interested in. I went to their store in Leesburg to test the piano. I will say walking in I had little faith in them being honest or doing the right thing by me. I was left very jaded after my last experience. So, I went in armed with research and telling myself that I was just there to test the feel of the piano. I had already done enough research and found the best price online but everything you read tells you to make sure you test the piano before you buy. A very nice young lady met me and showed me the piano I was interested in. While I was there looking and trying it Mr. Bob came out to say hello, since we had talked on the phone. He was so kind and so wonderful. He helped me and talked me through the one I was interested in. Then we talked about the others in the same category. He confirmed things I had learned during my research and taught me some things I didn't know. He even played the pianos for me, I don't know how to play yet, so I could hear their sound. He didn't try to upsell me to the highest model. In fact he even told me for what I want it was too much and didn't need it. I fell in love with another model but it was out of my price point. But then he let me know they had an amazing finance option. So, I got to get the piano I fell in love with and I cannot be more excited. He was so patient and kind through all my questions and nonsense. If you are thinking about a piano but do not know where to start, go see Mr. Bob. Think you cannot afford one? Go see Mr. Bob and he will do his best to help you. They even offer piano lessons! I could not have asked for a better experience. He will put all your worries at ease and help you with your questions. Never pushy or rude. No sales pressure. I cannot wait to get her home and start learning to play!
Matthias Clark
Matthias Clark
Lots of options for pianos of all prices. They have beautiful used pianos available as well!
y Z
y Z
We purchased a new GL-10 from Bob last year for my daughter. It was a rational buy without doing much research and Bob was very good at selling. However I gave 3 star for 2 reasons: 1. Price, I've later came to know that if you're willing to do some research, the same piano can be purchased at a very deep discount, I'm talking about 30% saving delivery to your house through group buy deal. you can argue for warranty and delivery experience etc., but 30% discount is definitely worth to take the chance. 2. Free Tuning, I was told there're 2 free tunings and I didn't ask for any written proof since Bos did a fantastic job selling the piano. However later found out the second tuning is not within the first year rather first 6 month with a vouchor in the bench. I'm pretty sure there was no vouchor anywhere. I found this not reasonable especially I've called in a month after took the delivery and asking about the tuning and I was told the first one was done before delivery and too early to ask for 2nd tuning. Bob said he has done this more than 10,000 times and out of their good faith they will pay half of it. lol update 1: got my second tuning done, nice, clean and fast, no complaint. Bob also reached out over the phone but I was too busy to pick up and he texted to offer me another half price tuning since there was some misunderstanding/miscommunication. I won't take advantage of it but I like how much he cares about his business so I'm bumping up the rating to 5. I guess you're paying extra when buying local for support, whole shopping experience and warranty.
Janetlee Hurley
Janetlee Hurley
My husband and I started to look for a new piano for our family back in April. We came across The Piano Company in the Dulles Town Center. There, we met Antoine Robinson, who kindly spent a couple of hours with us, helping us to learn about a variety of pianos, their mechanisms and features. He allowed my 14 year old son to try out as many new and used pianos as he wanted, and answered the many questions we all had. Before we left, he recommended that we check out other pianos in the Leesburg stores. In May, after my older son returned from college, we did just that. In the Market Street store, we met Robert Purdon, who allowed my older son to explore the pianos he was interested in and talked about the different aspects of each. My son was impressed with Mr. Purdon's knowledge and ability to understand what he was describing as he played on each piano. I felt that Mr. Purdon could tell by my son's playing and comments, what type of piano would suit him best. However, he was respectful and let my son think it through for himself. We ended up purchasing a Kawai K500 and love it! The price was good and delivery fast as and easy. The customer service was outstanding!
Sam Draper
Sam Draper
Very knowledgeable! Bob and Antoinette know their products.

Whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned piano or want to learn how to play, our experts are available to help you.

Our showrooms have an extensive selection of pianos, from the super unique to popular brands you already know. When you want the assurance of finding an exceptional piano we are here to help. We also offer a large selection of pre-owned pianos, certified by our technicians. Each is offered with a warranty, free tuning, and more! Each acoustic piano comes with the option to trade up to a ‘new’ or ‘newer than your’ piano, at any future time.

There are no commissioned salespeople here at The Piano Company. It is our goal to help you find the piano of your dreams!

Robert J. Purdon
General Manager

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Dulles Town Center Mall Historic Downtown Leesburg
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Dulles Town Center Mall
21100 Dulles Town Circle, Suite 108
Sterling, Virginia 20166

Historic Downtown Leesburg
206 East Market Street
Leesburg, Virginia 20176

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